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In our Greenhouse we have 28 concrete ponds. Currently 5000 pcs high quality locally-bred Koi are on display. Koi not listed as í«Reservedí» or í«Soldí» can be purchased base on your choice and preference.
Variety :Kohaku
Bu   :47
Age :2
Price :¥8000
Variety :Showa
Bu   :48
Age :2
Price :¥8000
    Wuxi Xin Chang Koi Special Aquatic Co., Ltd is a joint venture involving McSC Koi ( Malaysia and Singapore ) and Sing Chang Koi ( Taiwan). Located along Lake Tai, it is a place as beautiful as a painting. Our water is drawn directly from Lake Tai to breed our quality kois.
    With an area of 20 hectares with 28 mud ponds and 40 concrete ponds housed in 1,200 sq metres of green house, we produce approximately 1 million kois of all sizes and varieties annually.
    We welcome you to visit this scenic paradise to personally select from the many beautifully pre-selected kois. We assure that you will be pleased with all the kois you purchase from our farm.
Address: Mashan, Wuxi, Jiangsu,P.R.China
Website:www.wxkoi.com © xin chang wuxi